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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's where we at Western Broadband answer the questions we hear most often

General Questions
Q: Is your service satellite-based?

Speed Questions
Q: Why has my internet gotten slower over time?
Q: How can we increase my speed?
Q: Why aren't you as fast as cable or fiber systems are in the city?
Q: But I need more speed to watch my streaming videos in [HD/UHD/4K]!
Q: What is this "Burst mode" you refer to?

Installation and Upgrade Questions
Q: Why are you charging me so much for a large pole?
Q: Why can't you update my equipment for free?
Q: I can handle a complicated answer. Why can't you update my equipment for free?

Of course, if you have a question you don't see addressed here, please either email us at support@ecpi.com or call us at (512)257-1077!